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The Mindful Living Blog

Gluten Free Maple Pecan Date Caramel Bars

The month of May is Celiac Awareness Month, and to support all of our friends that follow a gluten free diet, we're bringing you the MOST delicious gluten free caramel bar recipe featuring our Maple Pecan Granola.  What is celiac, and why is there an entire month dedicated to its awareness? Celiac is a genetic autoimmune illness that is triggered by eating a protein called gluten. When someone with celiac disease consumes gluten, their body responds by essentially attacking itself causing damage to the small intestine. Because of this, persons with celiac follow a gluten free diet. We dedicate an entire month celiac...

5 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Active Moms

Are you trying to track down the best Mother’s Day gifts for that special health-conscious woman in your life? Whether she’s a professional athlete and full-time mom, or someone who simply appreciates healthy living, finding unique gifts for active moms isn’t always easy. After all, there are so many options out there (not to mention so many different mamas, too!), and you want to be sure that she receives something that she’ll love and actually use. At Within/Without, we’ve got your back this Mother’s Day with an amazing gift set for mindful moms and five other amazing gift ideas she’s...

How to Eat Healthy While Staying at Home (and Stay on Track!)

With so many healthy and unhealthy food options out there, choosing nutritious snacks and meals while you’re staying at home can feel like a chore. Everyone should learn how to eat healthy at home because as we’re now seeing, you never know when you might need to hunker down! Whether you're a work-from-home freelancer, a stay-at-home parent or a full-time caregiver, sometimes eating out (or just getting out!) isn’t practical. Learning how to eat healthy at home helps you and your family stay happy and healthy all year long. Even if you’re able to leave the house, keeping a stockpile...

Your Stay-at-Home Sanity Guide

Well, I think we were all excited to get back to our normal daily routines, but now that we have another month of stay at home orders, I find myself looking for ways to maintain my sanity while cooped up in the house. In hopes to help you (and me!) navigate our new normal, I put together this "Stay at Home Sanity Guide." How to Continue Eating HealthyWith March being National Nutrition Month, I had a big blog post I was ready to share with you, but then the timing just didn't seem right with everything going on. And then I thought, you...

Celebrating National Nutrition Month with Eat Your Way To Wellness

March is National Nutrition Month, and this year we're celebrating with our friend Jessica DeLuise who is not only a Physician Assistant but also the founder of Eat Your Way To Wellness blog and cooking show. I first met Jessica on Instagram (totally normal these days, right?) and completely resonated with her belief that food can either be the best form of medicine or the worst form of poison. So when Jess asked me to partner on her Celiac Disease & Gluten Intolerance episode, my answer was hell yes! You can watch the full episode on her channel, or read the highlights below written...