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Along with the new year comes new year resolutions. A time for new beginnings. I get it; but I'm not particularly fond of them. I understand why people make them, but often times they're not sustainable. Resolutions tend to be so drastic that a week in to it, there goes the resolution out the window.

This is how I often see people approach the paleo diet. They make a drastic change overnight, but a week or a month later, they go back to their old eating habits and say that paleo is too hard to maintain. My answer to them - you have to gradually ease yourself into it. Of course if you cut all of your favorite foods out of your diet you're going to be miserable. Start by first removing grains, then later take out dairy, then soy, etc. etc. And remember that it's ok to indulge every now and then. It's ok to eat your favorite cookie during the holidays or your favorite home-cooked meal when visiting your family, as long as you know your stomach can handle it. Paleo is a lifestyle change. To maintain the lifestyle I believe that you have to allow yourself an indulgence every now and then to stay sane. 

If you're looking to "go paleo" in the new year, take small steps and don't give up if you have a "cheat" meal or two. That's no reason to wash your new lifestyle down the drain. If you need help maintaining your new paleo lifestyle, ask someone to hold you accountable. I share paleo recipes with my friends and have weekly paleo pot-luck dinners, and that keeps me accountable. Even more so, I post just about everything I eat to Instagram, even my "cheats," which REALLY keeps me accountable. Find what works for you and stick with it.

If you're looking for resources or a paleo-friendly community to share your journey with, check out Mark's Daily Apple which offers daily advice and tips, and is a great forum to connect with other paleo enthusiasts. Or join the Facebook group International Paleo Movement Group; it's a closed group so you'll have to request to join, but I find it to be a great medium to share and connect with other paleo folks. I also recently came across this great Buzzfeed article, "The Ultimate Guide to Paleo" that gives a quick and dirty on the do's and dont's of paleo. 

I hope you find these resources beneficial, and feel free to let me know what works for you!

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