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PS Founder Talks Entrepreneurship with MeetAdvisors

Entrepreneurship is an interesting thing. People often talk about starting a company and building their dream, but few actually do it. Why is that? Fear of failure? Of the unknown? Lack of funding? Or simply not knowing how to get started? Each of these reasons alone is enough to stop anyone from building a company. Which is why I truly believe entrepreneurs are a different breed. You have to be a little crazy to ignore all of the risks and uncertainties and just go for it. So if you are crazy enough to go for it, remember that there are ways to de-risk your business and give yourself a greater chance of success.

So how do you do that? ASK. FOR. HELP! 

I had the opportunity to talk to MeetAdvisors, a free advice forum for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, on minimizing your mistakes, and that is my one piece of advice for entrepreneurs. Ask for help. Ask someone to make a connection for you; ask to be part of an industry event; ask a blogger to feature your product; etc., etc. Unless you ask, the answer is always going to be NO. Trust me, you would be surprised at the amount of support there is out there. People want to and are willing to help in any way they can. Especially when they believe in you.  

Brittany Chibe, Founder of Paleo Scavenger from MeetAdvisors Videos on Vimeo.


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