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Personally Paleo Reviews PS Granola

I met Katie of Personally Paleo at the Logan Square Farmers Market (this is why I love being a part of local events, I get to meet cool paleo foodies!), and after trying Paleo Scavenger she told me she was going to write a product review on her blog. Not only did she write an awesome review, but she added PS to the "companies she loves" page of her site. 

Here's a snippet of Katie's review:

I had the pleasure of trying each of the current flavors that Paleo Scavenger offers, Original and Cherry. The original, which I happily sampled at the market, had a phenomenal texture. The granola comes in perfect little bunches for easy munching and had a subtle sweetness that I greatly appreciate. I left the market with a bag of the Cherry in hand and I'm not ashamed to say the package was opened before I walked out of the building. This flavor offers an added sweetness from dried cherries, but is not overpowering. Part of what I enjoyed most is that the cherries are larger pieces (as opposed to very chopped up). This adds to the nice texture. You'll also be able to find the flavor in every bite without just eating up a hunk of fruit.

Between the Original and the Cherry flavors, you really can't go wrong. With Paleo Scavenger, not only will you be getting a flavorful and nutritious snack, but you will be helping to support a growing, local Chicago business. 

Check out the full review here.

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