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PUREWOW: Paleo Approved Granola Goodness

The writers at PureWow Chicago found our paleo granola at Plum Market and fell in love with it! So...they called us up and asked for an interview. Read the full story here to learn about the inspiration behind Paleo Scavenger and get a sneak-peek of our new product coming this summer!

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Back in cavewoman times, sustenance was a forest-floor forage away. But if you’re following the popular Paleo diet today, you might have a hard time hunting down new snack ideas.

Chicago woman and marathon runner Brittany Chibe recently solved the problem for herself by creating Paleo Scavenger, a line of Paleo-approved homemade granolas that are perfect for on-the-go munching. (Order online or buy at these local stores.)

Made without grains, dairy, soy or refined sugars, Chibe’s original flavor is a combo of almonds, walnuts, almond flour, coconut, honey and vanilla. The result is granola that’s super soft and chewy--not clumpy or mouth-scrapingly dry. (There are also blueberry, cherry and maple-pecan versions.)

It’s delicious right out of the bag, though we also love this breakfast fruit-pizza recipe that benefits from the granola’s protein punch.

Got a sweet tooth? Later this spring, Chibe will introduce a chocolate granola made with cricket flour. As in bugs.

Your cavewoman ancestors would totally approve.

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