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Are Oats Healthy? The Deal with Oats in Granola

oats on a table

Are rolled oats healthy? Oats are more nutritious than other grains, such as rice and cornmeal, but they’re still grains. These days, a good deal of health-conscious eaters are choosing to follow a grain-free lifestyle, and that includes oats. 

While incorporating minimally refined and processed oats into your eating plan can provide some health benefits, it’s also important that you recognize the disadvantages of eating oats so you can make an informed choice. Here are some drawbacks you may not know about.

1. Oats Are Often Processed 

Are rolled oats healthy? It depends! It’s easy to think you’re eating healthy because you’re eating oats, but that’s not always the case. The difference between natural, unprocessed oats and instant oatmeal that’s loaded with refined sugar is huge. Processed grains can cause inflammation, increase weight gain and even affect your mental health, so always check the label.

2. Oats Can Be a Filler Food

Oats and other grains fill you up fast. For some people, that can be a good thing because it helps them to feel satisfied while eating less. The problem is that grains take up valuable space that you could fill with more nutrient-dense foods, such as fresh fruits and veggies. Are rolled oats healthy? It depends on how often you eat them and what else you’re eating.

3. Oats Need Help to Taste Good

Everyone has their own unique palates, but most people would agree that plain oats aren’t exactly an appetizing meal. To make oats taste less bland, people often add many unhealthy ingredients and sweeteners. The end result is the nutritional value of the oats is overshadowed by the unhealthy additions of calories, fats, sugars and carbs. It’s so easy to overeat because you think you’re eating healthy, so why not have another bowl?

4. Oats Provide a False Sense of Accomplishment

Sometimes eating healthy foods can backfire if you’re not careful. Are rolled oats healthy? Sure, if you stick to a rigid eating schedule. That’s not always realistic (or fun), though. After starting your day with a small bowl of oatmeal, it’s easy to feel you deserve a reward for lunch, so you end up chowing down on a cheeseburger. 

Of course, the same can be said about many health foods, but oats are unique in that the bland taste makes you feel like you deserve something rich and unhealthy. One of the major disadvantages of eating oats is that it often feels like a chore, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of offsetting your loss with a gain, even if you’re a conservative eater.

Try Within/Without Grain-Free, Oat-Free Granola

A woman sitting outside enjoying a bowl of grain-free granola

So, are rolled oats healthy? There’s no denying that oats do offer some nutritional value and are a great source of fiber, but they’re not the ultimate superfood like so many have been led to believe. The simple truth is that there are ways to get the same results while avoiding grains. 

At Within/Without, we craft nutrient-dense granola made with no grains (i.e. no oats), no refined sugars, and simple, whole and clean ingredients. Our soft-baked granola has a wonderfully soft and chewy texture that our customers absolutely adore, and you can feel good about filling up another bowl. 

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