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Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual global event celebrated every April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. When it comes to creating better-for-you food options, we realize the importance of using sustainable ingredients that are ethically sourced and/or raised in order to preserve and protect the Earth. In honor of Earth Day this year, we wanted to share some of our favorite companies that are environmentally-conscious.

Tiesta Tea

Tiesta Tea is an all natural, loose leaf tea company that offers tea blends made from real fruits and herbs. In order to get the best cup of tea, you need to source the best ingredients, which is why Tiesta Tea sources all of their tea blends from the best locations and uses only the highest quality ingredients like hibiscus from Nigeria and green tea from Japan. By sourcing ingredients from all over the world, Tiesta Tea is creating a worldly product that ultimately transcends a traditional cup of tea. Not only does Tiesta Tea create crafted brews, they are also giving back to the people of the world. Once a year, the Tiesta Team travels to Africa to donate and build water wells in remote villages of Nigeria. By providing the most basic human need of water to villages and its peoples, Tiesta Tea is changing parts of the planet for the better! Learn more about Tiesta Tea’s initiatives.

Rumi Spice

Founded by US military veterans, Rumi Spice partners with Afghan farmers to bring top-quality, sustainably farmed saffron to customers around the world. The country of Afghanistan uses roughly one third of its arable land, and by providing a demand for Afghan saffron specifically, Rumi Spice is unlocking the agricultural potential of a land that would otherwise sadly go unused. Committed to empowering Afghan women and bolstering the Afghan economy, Rumi Spice proudly works with local Afghan farmers and 1,900 women in Herat, Afghanistan to hand-harvest the delicate crimson stigmas of the saffron flowers. By reinvesting into both agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure, Rumi Spice is laying the foundation for peace one saffron flower at a time. From Michelin Star awarded chefs to at home cooks, Rumi Spice offers an array of products for everyone to enjoy. Shop Rumi Spice’s Afghan saffron.

U.S. Wellness Meats

U.S. Wellness Meats is on the forefront of the sustainable food movement. Their family farms are dedicated to sustainable farming methods that provide for a healthier planet and more nutritious foods. Quality starts from the ground up, and in the case of meats, soil quality and forage are vitally important. Grass-fed and grass-finished meats have an improved nutritional makeup. Better food, better nutrition and better health means more energy, and better overall quality of life. U.S. Wellness Meats proudly offers sustainably raised food options and specializes in nutrient rich, 100% grass-fed & finished beef, lamb and bison. It doesn’t end there though. They also offer an array of wild-caught seafood, free-range poultry, heritage pork and dairy products. Whether you follow a Whole30 lifestyle, eat AIP, Paleo, Keto, or Sugar-Free, U.S. Wellness Meats has it all including all natural pet food for your furry friends.


In a world where nut butters are quickly being outlawed at schools due to the rise of nut allergies, healthy alternatives are popping up including companies like Chixi. Chixi is a brand new nut butter alternative made from, you guessed it, chickpeas! Made from real, whole food ingredients, Chixi proudly uses coconut oil in each jar, which is a big deal since most nut butters use palm oil. (Palm oil has a massively negative impact on the environment as the sourcing of it causes deforestation and is leading to the possible extinction of certain species). Chixi is a healthy and delicious snack you can feel good about eating and purchasing.

Within / Without

Here at Within / Without, we proudly hand pick all of our ingredients. Not only are our ingredients recognizable by you, but they are recognized by your body, so it knows how to break them down and use them for energy without any unpleasant side effects. We only use the highest quality ingredients such as nuts that are sourced raw with no extra ingredients, coconut oil that is both organic and unrefined and honey that is ethically sourced with no artificial fillers. If you want to feel your best, you have to eat the best, which is why Within / Without is and will always be naturally grain free, gluten free, dairy free and soy free.

Celebrate Earth Day everyday of the year by doing your part to protect the Earth and help support companies that are working to preserve our planet.

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