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Dreamy Creamy Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

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Gluten-free almond flour crusts? Check. Grain-free, protein-rich breakfast bowls? Check. Finally there’s a great selection of health-conscious, Keto and Paleo friendly options lining the store shelves and online digital aisles for us conscious healthful shoppers nationwide. But for some reason, a daily staple to the home and workplace — coffee — has been an area where healthy sweeteners and creamer alternatives (especially a TRUE Paleo coffee creamer) has lagged behind. Luckily for the healthful lifestyle wizards out there shifting away from added sugars, grains and carbs, there are both time-tested coffee stir-ins and modern milks sure to give your cup of joe a creamy zip. What’s more, these alternatives offer all the taste and enjoyment without the drawbacks of diet-busting added sugars and artificial ingredients. Check out this simple guide to non-dairy coffee creamer alternatives sure to boost your wellness goals and give your daily java ritual a creamy touch of delightful tastiness.

Macadamia Nut Milk

Almond and soy have met their match in the milk produced by macadamia nuts. With the consistency similar to dairy-based products, and a sweetness not unlike coconut milk, macadamia milk is the perfect light option to add to coffee and even delicate enough to add as a coffee creamer alternative to tea. Nut milks aren’t a novel idea in the Paleo and Keto realm, but the naturally rich-in-healthy-fat macadamia has proven a game-changer for plant-based milks.

Outside of the amazing taste, macadamia milk yields a smaller water footprint. Some brands producing macadamia have adopted regenerative farming practices, which make them the perfect choice for the socially conscious Keto-futurist. Macadamia nut milk is creamier and thicker than other nut- and plant-based milks, and has a natural sweetness which offsets the sometimes vegetal taste that can come with some unsweetened nut milks. Besides being delicious, macadamia nuts are also healthy fat powerhouses with a typical serving having:

  • 5% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B6, responsible for synthesis of protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • 6% of the daily value of iron, providing oxygen to blood and muscles;
  • 9% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium, important for regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar and blood pressure levels;
  • 11% of the daily value of copper, an important trace mineral for immune support and helping the body absorb iron; and
  • 58% of the recommended daily value of manganese, an enzymatic powerhouse in regulating and supporting metabolism.

Macadamia milk also has 4g carbs and 3g fat per cup making it a great substitute for creamer users shifting to Paleo coffee creamer options; especially for those who aren’t convinced that coffee creamer alternatives can be just as delicious as their dairy-filled counterparts. It’s also a fantastic milk to use for a smooth latte, flat white, macchiato or a frothy cappuccino with a low-sugar, low-carb edge.

Coconut Oil

Adding its naturally creamy texture to coffee, without offsetting the natural taste and delightful bitterness of a good cup of joe, coconut oil has become a popular additive as of late with coconut based creamers and MCT powders hitting the market for Paleo-friendly java fiends looking to add a small amount of flavor to their daily jolt.

Two people with laptop at coffee shopAs far as coffee creamer alternatives go, the original dollop of pure coconut oil is still best — and best for you. Coconut oil is high in MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which studies have shown are an effective way to combat belly fat. In fact, coconut oil has been shown to go after visceral fat, which is more dangerous to the organs and stubbornly adheres to the abdomen. A randomized study (Effects of dietary coconut oil on the biochemical and anthropometric profiles of women presenting abdominal obesity) showed that supplementing a healthy lifestyle with coconut oil “[promoted] a reduction in abdominal obesity.”

Coconut oil contains fats that increase the levels of HDL, also known as “good” cholesterol. The CDC cites high levels of HDL cholesterol as factors that can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. All-in-all, coconut oil is a sweet Keto and Paleo coffee creamer alternative which might just prove as healthful as it is delicious.

Other Uses For Paleo Coffee Creamer

Nobody said that you had to only use your Paleo creamer in your coffee. Some folks in the Paleo community have been raving about adding a little creamer to their granola in the mornings, instead of yogurt or nut milk. The result is a rich and creamy breakfast full of good-for-you ingredients. It’s so indulgent you might even feel like you’re starting your day with dessert!

Need to grab breakfast on the go? Peanut butter granola balls are the perfect snack to keep in the fridge ready to snag as you’re heading out the door. Simply mix one tablespoon of maple syrup, 4 tablespoons of peanut butter, 2 cups of your favorite granola, and three tablespoons of Paleo coffee creamer. Combine all ingredients well before rolling into balls, and then pop them in the fridge. Easy peasy!

Vanilla ‘Creamer’ In Five Minutes

Even as more store-bought options become available, with a recipe this simple (and delicious), why not try making your own?


  • ¾ cup of water (or your favorite milk alternative for an even richer taste)
    • The liquid should be room temperature
  • ¾ cup of coconut cream (you can buy cans of coconut cream, or scoop the solid cream out of a can of coconut milk that has separated).
  • 1tsp pure vanilla extract
  • ¼ - ½ tsp liquid stevia


  • Blend all the ingredients together
  • Add more stevia if you prefer a sweeter creamer
  • Add more coconut cream to increase thickness to taste

You can easily experiment with this recipe by adding different flavor extracts or other flavorings. Maple or hazelnut would be yummy, as would a dash of cinnamon. With a recipe this easy, you can play with it as much as you want to find your perfect flavor.

Don’t Skip the Joe

Books and coffee Not just a caffeine boost, coffee itself has been proven to have beneficial effects when it comes to liver health, Parkinson's Disease, blood glucose, and heart health. If you like your coffee with a little less edge, there are a whole host of healthful coffee creamer alternatives you can add to your Paleo-friendly, Keto-conscious morning routine today. Looking for more healthy options to go with your creamer? Check out our selection of good-anytime granola, a perfect breakfast treat to start the day with your goals in mind!

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