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Happy Fall!

So long summer! Last Friday, September 22nd, we officially said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. As you may have already noticed, the sun is rising later in the morning and setting earlier. Don’t let the changing of the seasons dishearten you, your mindset, or your workouts! Instead, transition from summer to fall with ease and remember, No matter what the season, Paleo Scavenger Granola is always in season!

Check out our suggestions below on how you can make a graceful transition from summer to fall both physically and mentally.


Fall WorkoutsLayer Up. Fall temperatures can dip low, especially in the early morning hours or later in the evening. Don’t let the cooler (and more welcoming) fall temperatures deceive you though. Grab an extra layer before you hit the pavement. You would rather lose a layer than wish you had one!

Be Bright. Early morning workouts and later evening workouts mean working out in darker hours, so be smart and where light colored clothing so you can easily be seen by cars and other motorists. The brighter the better! Don’t be afraid to shine with some reflectors either.

Enjoy the Rays. The summertime sunshine can be unbearable with the stifling heat and humidity, so take advantage of the cooler temperatures and grab some Vitamin D while you can!

Mix It Up. Use the change of seasons for a change of workouts. Use this transition to try something new. Runner? Get your namaste on with some yoga. Gym rat? Go to a new boutique studio in your neighborhood.

Move Indoors. Speaking of mixing up your workouts, don’t be afraid to move your workouts inside. Though fall weather is usually quite pleasant, some days can get pretty chilly. Don’t be afraid to move your workouts indoors to get your sweat on in a more enjoyable temperature.


Stay Mentally Stimulated. Activities that keep us mentally stimulated bring us joy and are a great way to pass the time when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. Take on a new hobby like reading, writing, or even rearranging your interior space. New activities will keep you mentally stimulated and actively engaged.

Wardrobe Change. Wash all of your summer clothing and decide which pieces you want to keep for next summer and what pieces you want to donate. Then grab all of your fall clothing and do the same. Make a list of items you donate so you know what clothing you will need for the upcoming fall season.

Find a New Routine. A new season brings with it a chance for a new routine. Make a list of what is most important to you (i.e. sleep, proper nutrition, exercise, scheduling down time, setting new goals, meditating, time with family and friends, leisure time, etc.) Then make a plan of how you can implement these items into the new season ahead.

Wind Down. Society has trained us to constantly be in a state of doing, accomplishing, or “should-ing.” Resist the urge to always be active and follow Mother Nature’s lead by slowing down with some personal down time. Whether that means meditating, cozying up on the couch with a good book or movie, gazing at the crackling fire on the hearth, or taking a hot bath, take some time for you!

Stock Up on Seasonal Foods. Fall means new seasonal fruits and vegetables. Revisit your meal plan and incorporate fall foods like squash, apples and root vegetables. Explore new recipes containing grounding foods and warming spices as we move into the cooler weather months. 

Change is the only constant in life, but transitions don’t have to be painful. Transition gracefully from the free-spirited and care-free days of summer back to the structured routines of fall by embracing the seasonal change, planning accordingly, and shifting your perspective. Remember to design your new fall routine, both physically and mentally, with balance in mind. If you do this, you will set yourself up for a successful seasonal transition.


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