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Picking the Right Running Race

Picking the right running raceNow that spring is turning into summer and the warm weather is here to stay, more people are trading in the treadmill for outdoor trails. You may even consider signing up for your first running race.

If so, congratulations! 

However, if you find yourself in analysis paralysis with all of the races out there, read our guide below to pick a race that is right for you.

Go the Distance...or Not
Races vary in length, so take the length of the course into consideration before you register. Here is a quick break down of the most common running race distances:

5K = 3.1 miles
10K= 6.2 miles
Half Marathon = 13.1 miles
Marathon = 26.2 miles

Summer running racesIf running long distances is not your favorite, you may want to consider a shorter race like a 5K; but if you are up for more of a challenge, it may be time to up your mileage with a longer race such as a half marathon. 

Do Your Research You wouldn’t want to sign up for a color run and show up in your brand new running gear not knowing you will be covered in dye at the end of the race. Would you? (See our point?) Make sure you know what you are getting into before you officially sign up.

Ask Friends
Ask your friends what races they have completed in the past. Some races may be more family-friendly with runners of all ages, but maybe you don’t want to be dodging strollers for three miles, or maybe you are up for the challenge.

Some smaller neighborhoods and communities host races that only locals know about, so before you register - ask around. See what’s out there before fully committing. Speaking of commitment…

Running races should be fun, but some races require serious preparation, like training for a marathon. Make sure you can make the time to prepare and train properly. If you have long-term commitment issues, swap your marathon for a 5K or 10K instead.

Preparing for a running raceIf the Shoe Fits
Stop by your local neighborhood running shop and get properly fitted for a running shoe. Many people skip this step, but it is crucial to have a pair of running shoes that fit properly for your race. The staff may even ask you to hop on a treadmill at the shop so they can see your running form. Don’t worry, it’s not for long, you won’t even break a sweat! This will help them find the best pair of shoes for you.

Grab a Group
Everything's better with friends, including running, so grab a group of your friends or family and sign up for a race together. If you sign up for a longer race (like a marathon), commit to a training schedule together so you are ready come race day. Make your best buddy your new running buddy!

Pace Yourself.
The thought of free T-Shirts and post race tailgates may sound appealing, but pace yourself. Don’t overcommit to more races than you can physically, or financially, handle in one season. The cost of race fees can add up quickly, so make sure you won’t be breaking the bank.

Let us know what races you are running this season, and be sure to stock up on your favorite Paleo Scavenger Granola to enjoy pre or post-race. Remember to tag us on social media!

Still looking for a race to run this year? Check out Runner’s World to find all of the races near you.

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