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The F Project: Female Founders Unite

Did you know that only 2% of all 2018 venture capitalist money went to companies founded by women? If this doesn’t shock you, it should. Women in business have historically been underrepresented and underpaid and female entrepreneurs share this difficulty. This fact becomes even more alarming when you find out that women make up 70% of all consumer spending and generate over 1.7 trillion dollars in sales and employ over 9 million people with their businesses. Women have the power to create meaningful and lasting change in the business sector.

This was the exact sentiment that lead Erika Szychowski and Phyllis Deally to create The F Project. After hearing what some women have done in order to secure funding, such as bringing their husbands to pitch meetings or faking male co-founders to get money (true stories!), as well as experiencing first hand what it’s like to scale a business (enter Good Zebra), they decided women needed a platform for change. That is exactly what the F Project is. 

Two hundred female founders of consumer product businesses have taken the pledge to seek out and support other female-founded brands with the shared goal of increasing customer bases and awareness for all of the brands. These brands also mentor and support fellow female founders to help get more women-led businesses off the ground. Szychowski looks at this platform as a way to not just further one’s own brand, but instead to lift up all women stating, “The idea is: Can we each say amazing things about someone else? If we each start to speak to our fans, friends, followers about other female founders, the hypothesis is that we can activate them to purchase from these brands.”

Within/Without is honored to be part of these 200 badass female founders. This group has founded brands specializing in everything from granola to makeup and coffee, as well as apparel, pet supplies and health supplements. Not only is it inspiring to be apart of such an amazing group of creative, intelligent, business-oriented women, but it is enriching to participate in a philosophy we truly believe in at Within/Without. 

Each F Project founder has their own unique story but shares the same mission. The F Project provides a mutually beneficial platform that helps to lift up woman founded brands, which is why we’re so excited to be apart of it. If you’re interested in supporting any of the female founded brands involved in the F Project, visit for more information.

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