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Top 5 Keto Snacks for Weight Loss

These days it seems like everyone’s family member, coworker, or best friend preaches a success story from the most recent diet trend. The newest flavor of the month? The keto diet. Here we’ll go over what a keto diet is, why the trend might be here to stay and some awesome Keto-friendly snacks that can help you along your keto journey.

What is Keto, and why is it all the rage?

What we put into our bodies is fuel, and following a keto diet aims to change that fuel source.

Instead of relying on the sugar that comes from carbohydrates, the keto diet relies on a type of fuel the liver produces from stored fat called “ketones.” These little fuel molecules function just like any other fuel source to keep you alert, focused and energized throughout the day; but in order for someone’s body to enter a state of ketosis, the carbohydrate intake has to be drastically reduced while significantly increasing the intake of fatty foods.

So why change your fuel source? Simply put, when in ketosis your body will burn fat in order to fuel itself with ketones. This in turn can result in significant weight loss, reduction in appetite and tons of other health and performance benefits. It’s for all of these reasons that keto has become one of the most popular and widely talked about diet trends in recent memory.

What can/can’t you eat?

The most important rule to follow in order for the body to reach ketosis is to avoid eating lots of carbs. That means staying clear of foods like potatoes, pasta, bread, beer, rice, soda and candy, which are all loaded with sugar and starch.

Unprocessed meats are low carb and keto-friendly, but remember that keto is a high fat diet, not a high protein diet, so there is no need for huge amounts of meat. Excess protein is converted into glucose, which makes it more difficult for your body to reach a state of ketosis. Fish, seafood and eggs are all great food options, as well as vegetables that grow above the ground such as cauliflower, cabbage, avocado, broccoli and zucchini. High-fat dairy is good as well, including butter, high-fat cheese and high-fat yogurts.

A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing meals is to focus on eating real foods. Good quality, minimally processed foods high in fat and low in carbs are what you want to look for when choosing keto-friendly foods. Remember to consult a doctor or nutritionist when considering a keto diet, as it requires significant commitment and dietary changes.

Top 5 Keto Friendly Snacks

If you need some help figuring out snack options that will keep your body in ketosis, look no further than our top 5 keto-friendly snacks below.


yogurt bowl with granola and berries
1. Within/Without Granola & Yogurt Bowl

Berries are some of the only fruits on the Keto “yes” list. They’re lower in sugar than many other fruits and are packed with healthy antioxidants. Pair this with some high-fat Greek yogurt and keto-friendly, grain-free Within/Without granola, and you’ll have a snack that both satisfies your sweet tooth and stays within the confines of a keto diet.


veggie sticks with peanut butter
2. Veggie sticks with nut butter

Super easy to make and nutrient-rich at the same time, this is one of the best keto-friendly snacks out there. Nuts are loaded with heart-healthy fats, and a typical nut butter contains 15-20 grams of fat per 2 tablespoons. Dip raw celery, carrots or even broccoli with your favorite nut butter. A word of warning though, if you’re not making your own nut butter make sure to check the labels as some products may be hiding added sugars!


Whips Cheddar Cheese Crisps

3. Cheese Crisps

These are a perfect alternative to standard high-carb potato chips. Popular in the low carb community and easy to take on the go, cheese crisps offer an excellent source of calcium and fat content. As always, make sure to read the labels for hidden carbs or sugar. Some of our favorite brands include Moon Cheese or Cello Cheese Whisps. These products are both made entirely of cheese and packed full of flavor at the same time.


Think Jerky Grass Fed Jerky
4. Beef Jerky

Another keto staple is beef jerky. Low in carbs and a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, beef jerky is a perfect keto companion that can be taken anywhere. Our friends over at Think Jerky provide an all natural grass fed beef jerky, which is one of our favorites. Think Jerky doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, is made from all natural grass-fed beef and delicious to boot.


Keto cheesy mug garlic bread

5. Keto Cheesy Garlic Mug Bread

One of the top things that people miss when following keto is bread, but the carbs in traditional wheat breads make it almost impossible to eat without slipping out of ketosis. This one-minute keto cheesy garlic mug bread recipe from Forkly is quick and easy to make, especially when those carb cravings are coming on strong. Plus, it works perfectly paired with any keto meal.


Whether you choose to follow a keto diet or not, you’re now armed with newfound knowledge and five of our favorite keto-friendly snacks, which puts you well on your way to becoming a keto master!


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