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Your Stay-at-Home Sanity Guide

Well, I think we were all excited to get back to our normal daily routines, but now that we have another month of stay at home orders, I find myself looking for ways to maintain my sanity while cooped up in the house. In hopes to help you (and me!) navigate our new normal, I put together this "Stay at Home Sanity Guide." 

How to Continue Eating Healthy
With March being National Nutrition Month, I had a big blog post I was ready to share with you, but then the timing just didn't seem right with everything going on. And then I thought, you know what - we can't let this pandemic steal our joy, so I decided to post it today. I teamed up with Jessica DeLuise, a PA and Founder of blog and cooking show, Eat Your Way To Wellness. Jessica wrote this month's guest blog post and is sharing her healthy gluten free recipes with us.
Working From Home
A lot of us welcome a WFH day when we have a lot to get done and don't want the distractions that come along with being in the office. But when you're heading into your third week WFH, AND the entire family is at home with you, AND they're completely distracting and you can't find a quiet space to get your work done, it's not so welcoming anymore. As someone who has been WFH for about 10 years, I've found this to be the best resource to drown out the distractions and get in the right headspace to get sh*t done when WFH.

At-home Workouts
I LOVE to run outside, especially now that the temps are warming up, but I feel like I'm playing a game of frogger trying to keep my 6 feet of distance between me and everyone else on the sidewalks. So I've turned to these at-home workouts. Push the furniture aside, grab a towel and get your sweat on at home!
Club Pilates: the owner of my studio in Wicker Park is hosting online mat pilates workouts FREE to everyone. There's no membership needed to access her workouts all month long. What a gem!
Stacy Surgeon, elite trainer + fitness director is posting her daily workouts on Instagram for all to use. No equipment needed! Just you and your own body weight and you'll be breaking a sweat in minutes.
Glo: If a flow is more your style, Glo is offering free yoga and meditation classes for 15-days.

Netflix Picks
These are my personal recommendations based on what I've watched over the past few months. Note: I like weird shows and these are NOT friendly for all ages. :)
Tiger King
Flint Town
Ozark - season 3 is live!
The Haunting of Hill House
The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez
Love is Blind
Spinning Out
The Mind of Aaron Hernandez
Abducted in Plain Sight
The Great Hack

My Fav Podcasts
My top podcasts for long walks and car rides - these have become my daily therapy lately.
Crime Junkie 
Joe Rogan (this episode is a wild listen on all things disease and COVID-19)
Impact Theory

Fun DIY Projects for the Whole Fam
Have you ever made your own hand sanitizer? Me neither. But our friend Jessica DeLuise (see this months's blog post) is teaching us how to make our own hand sanitizer at home!
Spring Cleaning isn't exactly "fun," but what if I told you that you can clean out your closet AND get paid for it. Would it be fun then? I've been using ThredUp for a couple years now and love it because it not only allows me to clean out my closet, but I get paid for the clothes that they resell. And whatever isn't sold gets donated. Win, win! Plus, right now they're donating $15 to Feeding America for every kit donated. Get your ThredUp clean-out kits ordered here. 

Comment below and let me know if these are useful to you, and I would LOVE to hear your recommendations! We're in this together.

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