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The Mindful Living Blog

12 Fall Foods from the Farmer’s Market

Summer is coming to a close, but the farmer’s markets are still open! As fall creeps in, you may notice less crowds at the beaches, cooler temperatures at night, and new foods at the farmer’s market. Here are the top 12 fall foods you will start seeing at your local farmer’s market as summer transitions into fall! Squash. Butternut Squash is the most popular variety, but look for a second kind of squash called Kabocha. How to Enjoy: Serve roasted as is or make a batch of spaghetti squash for an Italian themed dinner.   Apples. Forget hauling heavy apples...

10 Back to School Tips Everyone Can Use

With the end of August comes the start of the back to school season. Whether you are a parent getting the kids ready for a new school year, a student gearing up for the fall semester, or a working professional ready to get back to a normal routine after summertime, Paleo Scavenger is here to give you our top ten tips for back to school! #1 Catch some zzz’s. Sleep is essential to everyone, especially children. Get your kids on a “back to school” sleep schedule two weeks before the first day of classes. Need to work on your own...

Active August: Summertime Activities to Beat the Heat

The month of August is often referred to as the “dog days of summer.” The temperatures are rising, the humidity is intense, and every time you walk outside you just about melt, BUT you still want to stay active. Today we will be sharing with you some of our top recommendations on how you can stay cool and stay active during the dog days of summer. General Precautions for Outdoor Workouts in Hotter Weather: Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is always important, but especially during the intense heat and humidity of August.Less is more. We can appreciate a hard workout,...

Three Easy Breakfast Recipes for Summer

Summer is officially here, which means the temperatures are heating up! Eating for the seasons means eating lighter foods that will not weigh you down during the hot summer months. Think fresh fruit, fresh salads, and smoothies. Yum! Today we are sharing three breakfast recipes that are perfect for the dog days of summer. Berry Tart Ingredients:1 - 1 ½ cups of your favorite Paleo Scavenger Granola (We recommend the Original)1 - 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil1 cup of Greek Yogurt plain or vanilla1 - 2 cups of fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)Directions:1.) Preheat oven to 325 degrees.2.) Place...

Health and Wellness Podcasts

Here at Paleo Scavenger, we believe in mindfulness. It’s all about listening to the most important voice in your life, your body’s!However, it doesn’t hurt to listen to other health and wellness experts throughout your own journey to health.Today we are sharing our favorite health and wellness podcasts to enhance your mind and accompany you on your own journey to living a healthy and happy life. The Well & Balanced PodcastNew episodes debut every WednesdayThe Well & Balanced Podcast is hosted by three besties, Chelsea Gross, Melanie Morton, and Brooke Perlman. Holistic practitioners and self-proclaimed wellness junkies, these three women...