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The Mindful Living Blog

PUREWOW: Paleo Approved Granola Goodness

The writers at PureWow Chicago found our paleo granola at Plum Market and fell in love with it! So...they called us up and asked for an interview. Read the full story here to learn about the inspiration behind Paleo Scavenger and get a sneak-peek of our new product coming this summer! Nothing processed here Back in cavewoman times, sustenance was a forest-floor forage away. But if you’re following the popular Paleo diet today, you might have a hard time hunting down new snack ideas.Chicago woman and marathon runner Brittany Chibe recently solved the problem for herself by creating Paleo Scavenger, a...

Product Review & Smoothie Bowl Recipe

When a paleo food blogger/photographer asks if she can review your product AND take awesome shots of it, you don't say no! Emily du Plooy of The du Plooy Duo blog and her husband Jared are an incredible blogger/photographer team. Take one look at their website and you'll see what I mean. Drool. Emily tried PS granola and developed this delicious paleo-friendly smoothie bowl. And she wrote some great things about PS; my favorite quote is this one: So, in case I haven’t convinced you of how crazy I am about this stuff, let me go ahead and tell you what ingredients it does contain. Okay, ready? Almonds,...

Personally Paleo Reviews PS Granola

I met Katie of Personally Paleo at the Logan Square Farmers Market (this is why I love being a part of local events, I get to meet cool paleo foodies!), and after trying Paleo Scavenger she told me she was going to write a product review on her blog. Not only did she write an awesome review, but she added PS to the "companies she loves" page of her site.  Here's a snippet of Katie's review: I had the pleasure of trying each of the current flavors that Paleo Scavenger offers, Original and Cherry. The original, which I happily sampled at the market, had a phenomenal texture....

PS Founder Talks Entrepreneurship with MeetAdvisors

Entrepreneurship is an interesting thing. People often talk about starting a company and building their dream, but few actually do it. Why is that? Fear of failure? Of the unknown? Lack of funding? Or simply not knowing how to get started? Each of these reasons alone is enough to stop anyone from building a company. Which is why I truly believe entrepreneurs are a different breed. You have to be a little crazy to ignore all of the risks and uncertainties and just go for it. So if you are crazy enough to go for it, remember that there are ways to de-risk your business and...


I recently met Catherine, writer for CFN Daily: Classy Features and News, and after sharing my story and reasons for starting Paleo Scavenger with her, she asked me to do an interview for her column, Classy Lady. After learning more about CFN Daily and their mission to empower and celebrate women, I gladly accepted.  From all things paleo, to tech startups, to volunteer work, my favorite part of the interview was being able to share how I'm able to stay positive and overcome challenges: Brittany exudes happiness, kindness, and an incredible drive. She credits the people around her that give...