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The Mindful Living Blog

The Paleo Diet & Carbs: Can the Two Go Together?

You’ve started a Paleo food regimen and you feel like you’re doing pretty well, but it seems like the essential carbs your body needs are only found in the things you can no longer eat! While you might have known you’d have to cut out most breads, sweets and pastas, you probably didn’t anticipate cutting down on quinoa, oats and cereal. If you’re worried about ensuring you’re getting enough servings of carbs to maintain your Paleo lifestyle while keeping yourself feeling full all day, without any guilt, Within/Without might have the perfect solution for you. Learn more about how you...

5 Science-Backed Keto Health Benefits

You’ve probably heard about the ketogenic diet more in recent years, and you might be wondering whether it’s a healthful diet or just a fad that people use to lose weight. The truth is that Keto was developed as early as the 1920s to help children and adults with seizures. It’s not a fad, and emerging evidence has shown that Keto health benefits include the ability to manage many other physical and mental conditions. From obesity and epilepsy, to diabetes and heart disease, there seems to be no limit to the benefits of Keto. What Exactly is Keto? Before we...

3 Healthy Summer Recipes Using Within/Without Granola

Looking for some nutritious and delicious recipes using granola? As the summer season gets in full swing, and the days grow longer and hotter, it’s not surprising you’re looking for some new ideas to keep you cool while you munch. What you might not realize is that the benefits of granola go beyond just being a tasty breakfast food -- it can be used as a versatile ingredient for all types of recipes! Of course, most people already know that granola makes a quick-and-easy morning meal or snack — you can enjoy it by the handful, in a bowl with...

5 Low Carb & Keto Summer Recipes to Fuel You Through the Dog Days of Summer

Ready to spruce up your collection of Keto summer recipes? Whether you fully embrace the Keto lifestyle, or you’re just looking for some light snacks and meals for those hot, sunny days, it’s always fun to expand your culinary horizons. These low carb summer recipes are delicious and nutritious, and the fact that they’re friendly to Keto carb counting is just icing on the cake! While we think these meals are best served outdoors with good company, they can easily be made indoors too. So fire up the grill and invite a friend or two to enjoy these tasty low-carb...

5 Unique Health-conscious Gifts For Active Dads

Ask Dad what he wants for a Father’s Day gift and you might get a super-helpful, “I don’t need anything” or the classic, “you’re the only present I need!” While dad might think he’s being helpful, you know that it’ll lead to aimlessly scrolling the internet for dad’s day gifts. If you’re pressed for ideas, Within/Without is here to help! If your dad’s a food, fitness or health nut, we have the perfect health-conscious gifts he’ll love (as well as some gifts for active moms, too!) Our Top 5 health-conscious Gifts for Dad Within/Without Granola Okay, so maybe we’re a...