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The Mindful Living Blog

5 Science-Backed Benefits of Paleo

With so many fad diets making headlines and occupying internet message boards, finding a science-backed solution to organize your health regimen is important. One particular diet has become a standout: the nutrient-dense, whole-food-focused Paleo lifestyle. Based on the hypothetical diets of ancestors of old, the Paleo benefits have long been held up by anecdotal evidence gleaned from interaction with indigenous tribes who have managed to hold onto traditional diets who have eschewed processed foods and refined sugars. While many diets, especially those seeing modern popularity, share the commonality of cutting out junk, the Paleo approach differs in a few ways:...

Why Maple Syrup is Better Than Refined Sugar

While it may be evocative of Sundays spent eating waffles and flapjacks at home (or at brunch with friends post-pandemic), nutritional science is taking notice of the healthy ways in which maple syrup is head and shoulders above other sweeteners. The benefits of pure maple syrup go beyond flavor as this nutrient-dense powerhouse is as rich in vitamins and minerals as it is delicious. Maple syrup often gets lumped in with other sugars as fitness and health enthusiasts lean toward artificial sweeteners to get a little kick of saccharine, but unlike white refined sugar, maple sugar brings a host of...

Is Grain-Free the Next Gluten-Free?

Grain-free food has become a popular conversation topic among health-conscious eaters. While the gluten-free lifestyle has changed countless lives for the better, grain-free living is still lesser known, though much appreciated by those who have experienced the benefits. Although grain-free snacks are naturally gluten-free, not all gluten-free food is grain-free. For example, corn and rice are grains that don’t contain any gluten. If you’re considering taking your gluten-free eating plan to the next level, or just looking to boost your health overall, doing away with grains could be the next logical step. Here’s why. 1. Reduces Inflammation Research into the...

Are Oats Healthy? The Deal with Oats in Granola

Are rolled oats healthy? Oats are more nutritious than other grains, such as rice and cornmeal, but they’re still grains. These days, a good deal of health-conscious eaters are choosing to follow a grain-free lifestyle, and that includes oats.  While incorporating minimally refined and processed oats into your eating plan can provide some health benefits, it’s also important that you recognize the disadvantages of eating oats so you can make an informed choice. Here are some drawbacks you may not know about. 1. Oats Are Often Processed  Are rolled oats healthy? It depends! It’s easy to think you’re eating healthy...

Going Crazy for Coconut: Why Coconut Oil Is Good for You

As we learn more about the health benefits of coconut, it’s not surprising that a good deal of health-minded people are falling in love with coconut oil. Besides being a superfood, coconut oil is so versatile! People love using it to moisturize their skin naturally, improve hair health and so much more. Here’s a look at the many health benefits of eating coconut oil. 1. Build Muscle and Burn Fat Coconut really is the other white meat! It’s loaded with protein and amino acids making it a fantastic option when you want to build lean muscle. In particular, coconut contains...