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The Mindful Living Blog

6 Simple Steps to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

We love the holidays! Between the decorations, the good food and seeing family and friends, we love all things Christmas, but the one thing we do not like is how we feel after the festivities. Late nights, libations and too many Christmas cookies may leave many of use feeling tired, sluggish, and plain old “meh.” Today, we are offering six easy tips to get you back on track after the holidays. #1 Don’t Beat Yourself Up. “Why did I have that second glass of champagne? Did I really need to try one of every Christmas cookie?” (Insert sigh here). We...

Christmas Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The holiday season is here and that means crackling fireplaces, mugs of hot cocoa, and Christmas shopping. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list can be downright exhausting, which is why we have put together our holiday gift guide. Here are 10 gift ideas everyone will be sure to love! Amara Marie Beauty Made from the purest, cleanest, most sustainable ingredients, Amara Marie offers all natural skincare products. No toxic chemicals or synthetics,  just real, safe ingredients you can trust! Some of our favorite products  include the Tallow Beauty Balm and the Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum....

Navigating the Holidays : How to Maintain your Healthy Lifestyle during the Holiday Season

You work hard all year to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Morning meditations, healthy snacks, and daily movement has all become your new norm, but what happens when the holiday season rolls around? Don’t let the holidays derail your health and wellness routine this year. Instead, navigate the holidays with ease and maintain your healthy lifestyle with these five tips. Rest Up. The holidays can be stressful, so make sure you get plenty of rest. Ample amounts of sleep and relaxation will help keep your immune system strong. Having trouble relaxing? Try meditation, light stretching, simple yoga poses, herbal tea, or...

8 Tips to Hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most delicious holidays and luckily for us, it’s right around the corner! Whether you are celebrating with family from far away or friends right next door, we are here to help you host a successful Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration! Have a Head Count. Whether you are hosting an intimate affair or a large elaborate celebration, make sure you have enough food and wine, especially wine, for all of your guests. Here is a handy chart to help you plan portions. *Courtesy of Whole Foods. Delegate Dishes. Hosting a big dinner like Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving can...

We're Rebranding!

Over here at Paleo Scavenger, we have been hard at work the past few months working on an exciting project, and we are so thrilled to finally share what we’ve been up to. Paleo Scavenger is proud to announce that we are rebranding! Over the past three years, Paleo Scavenger has evolved, and so have we! During our personal health and wellness journey, we have come to realize that living a healthy lifestyle is more than just following a diet protocol, such as paleo. While we believe in the benefits the paleo lifestyle has to offer, this protocol can be intimidating and incredibly...