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Common Questions About Our Granola

What is your Mindful Guarantee?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. After all, we're in the business of making people happy with our delicious products. If you don't love every bite, we will fully refund your order to your original method of payment. That's what we call satisfied snacking, guaranteed!

Are Your Products Soy-Free?

Yes, all of our products are soy-free! As a Certified Paleo product, our granola is also dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free and free of refined sugars.

How Many Net Carbs Are in Each of Your Products?

For those following a low carb or Keto diet, net carbs are important. Net carbs can be calculated by subtracting the amount of fiber from the total carbohydrates. The net carbs per serving for each flavor of our Paleo granola are:

Maple Pecan: 5g net carbs
Pumpkin: 5g net carbs
Original: 6g net carbs
Cherry: 6g net carbs
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter: 6g net carbs
Blueberry: 7g net carbs

Wait, There Are No Oats -- How is This Granola?

That’s right! Oats are a grain, and thus, you’ll never find them in our grain-free granola. Instead, we use tree nuts as the base of our granola including almonds, walnuts, pecans and coconut. Tree nuts are significantly lower in carbohydrates and higher in healthy fats which keep you fuller longer.

What is “Soft-Baked” Granola?

As a baker, I have always soft-baked everything from cookies to brownies, and my granola is no exception! This gives our granola it’s deliciously moist, chewy texture and provides the most satisfying eating experience. Trust us, you’ll wonder how you ever ate hard, dry granola for so long!

What Are the Main Ingredients in Your Granola?

Each granola flavor is made with nine or fewer ingredients with the first ingredient always being almonds. We also use walnuts, shredded coconut, coconut oil, honey and vanilla. Our Maple Pecan granola is a little different because we use maple syrup instead of honey which makes it a great vegan option! And that’s it. You’ll never find any filler ingredients in our granola. Ever. Period. End of story.

Is Your Granola Diabetic-Friendly?

Yes! We purposely use honey and maple syrup to sweeten our granolas because both are low on the glycemic index (GI). This means our granola will not cause a spike in blood sugar after consumption, making it a great option for diabetics!

Are Your Products Non-GMO?

They sure are! All of our raw ingredients are Non-GMO, and we are currently in the process of getting our granolas Non-GMO Project Verified! You can learn more about Non-GMO Project Verification here.

Are Your Products Organic?

We use organic unrefined coconut oil as well as organic shredded coconut in our Paleo granola, but our other ingredients are not certified organic at this time (they are all Non-GMO though!) It is something we are working toward, and we will get to 100% organic in the future!

Where Are Your Ingredients Sourced From?

We source all of our ingredients from American growers, and we source from the Midwest as much as possible in order to support local producers. All of the tree nuts we use are grown in California, and the dried fruits, honey and maple syrup all come from Michigan.

Are Your Products Kosher and/or Halal?

Yes, all of our products are Kosher and made in a Kosher facility. We do not make this claim on our packaging because we do not pay for the certification, but every ingredient we use in our granola is Kosher Certified!

Are Your Products Vegan?

Our Maple Pecan granola is vegan because we sweeten it with maple syrup. Our other Paleo granola flavors are not vegan as they are sweetened with honey.

What Kind of Nuts Do You Use in Your Granola?

We use almonds, walnuts and coconut in our Original, Cherry and Blueberry granola varieties. The Maple Pecan granola contains almonds, pecans and coconut. Our Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter granola contains almonds, walnuts, coconut and peanuts.

Your Products Are Great, But is Your Packaging Eco-Friendly?

Our primary packaging is recyclable in most states, and we are working toward a more eco-friendly biodegradable pouch. All of our corrugated boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.

How Do I Track My Order?

If you provide your email address when you place your order, you will receive an email notification when your order ships containing the tracking info. We ship all orders USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

What is Your Refund and/or Exchange Policy?

We stand by the quality of our products, and we want you to have the best experience possible. If anything is wrong with your granola upon arrival, email us at and we will replace your order, free of charge!

Can I Cancel or Modify My Order?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your order by emailing us at

What Are Your Shipping Options?

We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

What Are Your Payment Options?

We accept credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

I Have Feelings -- Where Can I Leave a Review?

We love reviews! Simply navigate to the product page where you want to leave a review, scroll to the “Customer Reviews” section halfway down the page and leave your review there. Your review might even be featured in our weekly #featurefriday post!

Do You Ship to Other Countries?

At this time, we only ship within the Continental US.

I’m Having an Issue With My Order -- Who Do I Contact?

If you’re having any issues at all, you can reach us at or (708) 437-6570.

I Love Within/Without, But Why Are Your Products So Expensive?

We love you too! And we know our Paleo granola is expensive. We’re a young, small company that hasn’t achieved the scale of other companies such as General Mills and Kellogg’s that make up the majority of the granola brands on grocery store shelves; moreover, our ingredients are super-premium compared to our competitors. Our recipes contain almonds, honey and coconut oil (our first 3 ingredients!) vs. the oats, vegetable oils and cane sugar found in traditional granolas. While using oats and refined sugars would allow us to have a competitive price, we refuse to sacrifice on ingredient quality.

What is Your Cross Contamination Policy?

We know you take your diet and health seriously. That’s why we take our food safety very seriously, too. Our granola is made in a Certified Gluten-Free facility, and every batch is tested for gluten contamination to ensure it tests negative before any batch leaves the facility. Due to the various tree nut allergens in our granola, we also perform a full allergen clean and sanitation between flavors that introduce a new allergen.