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What Goes Into Our Granola?

About Our Ingredients

Here at Within/Without, we make delicious, Paleo and Keto and granola that fits your healthy lifestyle. Crafted with love using only clean, whole and simple ingredients, our granola makes snacking delicious (and fun!) again. Low in carbs and 100% free-from dairy, seeds, soy and grains, you can feel good about indulging in every irresistible flavor. Enjoy good-for-you granola made without the processed ingredients that cloud your voice within.

Naturally Diet-Friendly Granola

Many of our most loyal customers follow specialized diets. Whether you’re following Paleo, Keto, Vegan or something in-between, we have options for mindful snackers from all walks of life! Our granola is always naturally gluten-free, non-GMO, diabetic-friendly and smartly sweetened with honey or maple syrup — no refined sugars here! From our best-selling maple pecan granola to our tart and tasty cherry granola, treat yourself to granola that tastes as amazing as it makes you feel.

Nutritous Granola

Nutritious Granola that Makes You Smile

Within/Without granola isn’t just delicious and nutritious, it’s also soft-baked to perfection for a uniquely soft and chewy texture that you won’t find anywhere else. As the best granola brand on the market, we firmly believe that the food you eat plays a major role in your overall sense of wellness. Besides providing your body with quality fuel to kickstart your day, our granola makes your body and mind happy so you can live your best life day after day. If you're like us and take a mindful approach to eating, you’re going to fall in love with our grain-free granola!

Shop Our Healthful Granola Now

We encourage you to take a minute to read our ingredients. You’ll find that the first ingredient is always almonds, followed by nine or less all-natural ingredients. When you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, every bite is nourishment for the soul. If you have any questions about the Within/Without brand or any of our products, contact us now. Enrich your life with delicious, nutritious granola that elevates your healthy lifestyle!