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The Mindful Mavens

at Within/Without

You can say we’re obsessed with food. We’re not offended. We’re the mavens of healthy eats, led by our founding snacktress, Brittany Chibe. This way of living is in our blood and we’re on a mission to help everyone enjoy the transformative experience of clean eating.

Here’s a few of the principles that guide our delicious operation:

  • We are committed to walking with others. The best feeling is sharing experiences that help others down a better path.
  • Understanding begins with mindfulness. Nobody understands what your body and mind need better than you.
  • Beautiful simplicity is our way of life. We strive to be honest and simple in everything we do including being transparent about our motives, sourcing and tasty ingredients.  

What’s with the name? We’re so glad you asked! Listening to and understand your own body’s needs can be difficult without food running interference. This concept is at the core of all our amazing foods.

Our snacks are crafted WITHOUT processed ingredients and the junk that clouds the voice WITHIN.