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The Mindful Mavens

at Within/Without

You can say we’re obsessed with food, we’re not offended! At Within/Without, we’re the mavens of healthy eats, led by our founding and fearless snacktress, Brittany Chibe. This way of living is in our blood, and we’re on a mission to help everyone discover and enjoy the transformative experience of seriously delicious, clean eating.

Following the crowd has never been our thing. Here at Within/Without, we create gluten-free, Paleo and Keto-friendly (among many other alternative diets!) granola. But our granola isn’t really like other granolas. Soft-baked and completely oat and grain-free, our paleo granolas are chewy and super tasty without all of the unhealthy additives and inflammatory ingredients of our competitors.

Vegetable oils? You won’t find them here. Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners? Absolutely not. We craft our products using clean, whole, and simple ingredients. The first ingredient in all of our granolas is always almonds, followed by 9 or less all-natural ingredients including organic coconut oil, honey, vanilla and delicious dried fruits!

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up taste; snacking and feeling good can go hand-in-hand! Low in sugar and carbs, and completely dairy, grain and seed-free, Within/Without is perfect for the mindful snacker looking for guiltless, good-for-you pleasure in their daily food. Our granolas are crafted with your health in mind and contain good-for-you ingredients that nourish your body from within, so you can perform at your best without limitations.

Here are a few of the principles that guide our delicious operation:

  • We are committed to working closely with others, sharing experiences to help them down a better path. It's the best feeling in the world!
  • Mindfulness is the first step on the path to understanding. You know the needs of your mind and body better than anyone.
  • Beautiful simplicity is our way of life. We maintain high standards of honesty and transparency about our motives, as well as our ingredients and sourcing.

What’s with the name? We’re so glad you asked! Our snacks are crafted without processed ingredients and the junk that clouds the voice within, so your body can always feel and work at its best.

Join us on our snacking adventure and follow us on social media for the latest updates on our promotions, giveaways and new products!